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Would you like to organize a bachelor party and are you looking for an idea? I have one! How about a candle workshop? Each participant creates their own dufte candle in the historic ambience of Krongut Bornstedt Potsdam.

Would you like to give the bride a special evening that she will remember for a long time? Then a candle workshop at DUFTE manufactory is just the thing! Because: The nose and the brain are closely connected, so smelling always brings back memories. This means that the bride can remember the beautiful evening long after the bachelorette party with the candle that she poured together with you. Or you can create a candle together for the wedding guests - as a gift - from your special evening.


Let's create a scented candle together with your favorite scents or a memory you want to capture in a candle. In the historic Unesco World Heritage ambience of the Krongut Bornstedt you can pour your very own candle made from rapeseed wax and various essential oils into a recycled glass.


A candle making workshop for beginners where you'll learn all the basics and tips for mixing essential oils and making your own candle. During the course you will be guided step by step through the candle making process. You have the opportunity to smell our selection of essential oils and mix them to create your own unique scent. At the end of the course you will pour your own 140ml rapeseed wax candle and give it a name.


You pour your self-created DUFTE candles into recycled beer and wine bottles, which you can continue to use even after the candle has burned down - for example as a drinking glass. The candles are made from pure rapeseed wax. The wick is made of certified softwood and emits a pleasant, quiet crackling sound when it burns. Also perfect as a sustainable guest gift for the wedding itself.



Of course, your physical well-being is also taken care of. Drinks and small snacks are included in the price. Does the bride have a favorite food or drink that cannot be missed? We are happy to discuss this individually.