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When selecting raw materials, particular attention is paid to naturalness and regionality. Where it is not possible to buy locally, at least organic quality is a must.


DUFTE candles are made purely from rapeseed wax with a wooden wick made from certified softwood. The wick is untreated and provides an enticing, gentle crackling sound. Dufte candles not only create a good mood on dark days. Especially because of their delicate scents. And, unlike common paraffin candles, there is no annoying soot formation

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Of course, the right accessories are a must for our Dufte candles. In the shop you will not only find matches, but also our wick scissors. Also very popular with soap lovers: our Armin soap holder. Made by hand from high-quality wood scraps such as walnut or pine wood, it is the perfect place to dry your soaps after use.

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Did you know that the nose is the only sensory organ that sends its impulses directly to the brain? Without detouring via nerve cells. As soon as we smell them, they create feelings and awaken memories. Smells make us feel good, catapult us back to childhood, let us relax, travel with us to distant countries or influence our mood. Isn't that nice?