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DUFTE accessories


product type
product type
DUFTE balls
DUFTE balls Sale price€6,90
wick scissors
wick scissors Sale price€11,90
matches wildflowers
matches wildflowers Sale price€4,90
little Armin
little Armin Sale price€8,90
matches white
matches white Sale price€29,90
matches lemon
matches lemon Sale price€4,90
flower confetti
flower confetti Sale price€8,95
set of 2 candles glass
set of 2 candles glass Sale priceFrom €18,90
matches black
matches black Sale price€29,90
matches summer flowers
matches summer flowers Sale price€4,90
lantern Sale price€33,90
DUFTE members club
DUFTE members club Sale price€99,90
matches coral
matches coral Sale price€4,90
Zündhölzer Magnolie
Zündhölzer Magnolie Sale price€4,90
big Armin
big Armin Sale price€10,90
DUFTE baby brush
DUFTE baby brush Sale price€11,00
bottlehead Wolfgang
bottlehead Wolfgang Sale priceFrom €19,90
matches birds
matches birds Sale price€4,90
matches fish
matches fish Sale price€4,90
Zündhölzer Apfel
Zündhölzer Apfel Sale price€4,90
Treu make-up removal pads
Treu make-up removal pads Sale price€10,00
matches spring flower
matches spring flower Sale price€4,90
matches flower meadow
matches flower meadow Sale price€4,90
DUFTE hat Sale price€28,00


All DUFTE products are made by hand according to our own recipes, using selected, natural ingredients. There's a lot of time and even more love in it. Do you have questions about fragrances? Check out our FAQs too!


All DUFTE raw materials are selected with great care and are natural and regional wherever possible. Where regionality is not possible, the highest organic quality is a must.


An affair of the heart. All raw materials are produced fairly and processed by DUFTE. All products are free from palm oil, plastic, paraffins and parabens.

hand made

Each candle and is made by Justine personally by hand with lots of love and even more care. Each product is then individually and securely packed in cardboard.